Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • US E&P Majors
  • Bakken E&P Operators
  • Eagle Ford E&P Operators
  • Marcellus E&P Operators
  • Permian E&P Operators
  • Woodford E&P Operators
  • Utica E&P Operators
  • Haynesville E&P Operators
  • Fayetteville E&P Operators
  • Barnett E&P Operators
  • Mississippi Lime E&P Operators
  • Operators In The Small & Emerging Shale & Tight Oil Plays Of The US

With The Following Job Titles:

COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Drilling
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Facilities
  • Construction
  • Completions
  • Production
  • GIS
  • Surveying
  • Exploitation
  • Technology
  • Unconventional Resources
  • Geology, Geosciences & Geophysics


  • Drilling Service Companies
  • Directional Drilling Service Companies
  • Directional Planning Services
  • Drilling Rig Providers
  • Well Pad Construction Services
  • Multi-Well Pad Facilities Construction / Design Services
  • Drilling Fluid Vendors
  • LWD / MWD Services
  • Geosteering Services
  • Civil Earthworks Companies
  • Surveying Companies
  • Drill Bit Suppliers
  • Downhole Tools Suppliers
  • Bottom Hole Assembly Suppliers

Missed The Event?


With operators achieving cost reductions of between 15-30% by using multi-well pad drilling, it is vital that...

...any drilling professional working in an unconventional play understand how the latest advances in pad drilling can be applied to drive down the time and costs of their operations.

To help with this, the inaugural Multi-Well Pad Drilling Congress 2014 will provide the first operator-led forum dedicated to strategies for optimizing multi-well pad drilling. Featuring 20+ brand new case studies from leading E&Ps, presentations will focus on:

COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS: Quantifying the cost and time savings that can be made by using multi-well pad drilling in unconventional plays to determine whether it delivers sufficient return on investment

WELL SPACING AND WELLS PER PAD: Examining the optimal well spacing and number of wells per pad for optimizing cost and time efficiencies in multi-well pad drilling

PAD SIZE: Determining the optimal pad size for minimizing the cost of multi-well pad drilling

RIG SELECTION: Evaluating the capabilities of different rigs to determine which offer the optimal solution for multi-well pad drilling at minimum cost

SIMULTANEOUS OPERATIONS: Determining how simultaneous drilling and fracturing of wells on the same pad can be used to reduce the cost and time of multi-well pad drilling

ANTI-COLLISION STRATEGIES: Benchmarking strategies for analyzing and mitigating the risk of wells colliding during pad drilling operations

BATCH DRILLING: Explaining how batch drilling can be used to deliver cost and time savings during multi-well pad drilling


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